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5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become an important part of any digital marketing strategy. With many companies taking advantage of the benefits of a great social media marketing plan.

Why use Social Media Marketing?

If you’re feeling slightly hesitant about whether social media marketing is worth the effort or whether you think social media is just a hip fad, only for personal use? Then I have a list of benefits to help convince you how important social media marketing is.

Driving Traffic

Everyone who owns a website or a online business, wants to build and increase their traffic. Social media is a great outlet to increase your traffic. By posting links on social media or getting followers to share your content, you are improving your outreach and exposure to potential customers and traffic.

The more quality content you share on social media, the more chance you have of creating inbound traffic, by doing this you are consistently adding paths that lead users straight back to your site or landing page.


Search engine optimisation requirements are always changing. Optimising your website and blog is no longer enough, social media presence is becoming another factor in how ranking is calculated. Having a broad range of active social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ builds the authority of your brand.

Social media is also a great way of building links for SEO, by sharing great content with your followers and readers, you can increase your chances of getting links back to your site.

Building Your Brand 

With profiles and pages being customisable, you can give your social media accounts a personality by using your logo and the characteristics of your brand. This also includes how you interact with customers over social media, you want your brand to be recognisable over your entire online presence.


Positive engagement with your customer base is great for improving your brand and improving your reputation. Social media gives brands and business the opportunity to interact with their customers and followers.

As mentioned this exposure can build trust with your customers, but can also build a buzz around your brand, which will surely increase your sales and/or traffic.

Mobile Friendly 

Most internet activity is performed through a mobile device, and most of this activity is via social media. So how can you miss out on all those potential, followers, clients, or customers?

So as you can see social media marketing can be beneficial to any type of business. If you have any questions or you have your own social media marketing success story, let me know in the comments below.

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