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5 Tips to Gain More Twitter Followers

What does everyone want more of in life? Money? No after that. Friends! Or in twitters case followers. The more twitter followers you have the greater exposure your brand gets.

I’m going to go through a few tips on how to improve your social media status by building your twitter fan base and gaining more twitter followers.


Encourage retweets from your followers, this pushes your twitter username into unfamiliar social circles increasing the chance of getting new users to your twitter page. Try retweeting your follower’s posts they will usually return the favour.

2. Follow

One way to attract new users into following you is to first follow them. When you follow someone a notification is sent to them with your username, so there is a high chance that they will then visit your profile to check you out.

3. Be Regular

No, I don’t mean in the toilet department. Although that is also good, but irrelevant advice. I mean with your tweets, make sure you are tweeting on a regular basis. Create a social media plan or a calendar, so you know when you need to tweet.

4. Be Resourceful

If you use twitter for your business or personal brand (which you definitely should do) then make sure your tweets are relevant and insightful within your industry. Tweet useful links and resources that will get users engaged.

5. Promote

Promote your twitter page, add links to your twitter profile from your website, blog or other social media platforms. Encourage people to follow, retweet and interact with you. Colourful and engaging calls to action can be used on your blog and websites to help persuade your readers into following you on twitter.

What tips or tricks do you use to gain more twitter followers, let me know with replies below? Also check out my post about getting Followers Clicking on Your Twitter Links.

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