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5 Tips to Get Followers Clicking on Your Twitter Links

If you’re creating great content, you want to get it out there. Twitter is a great way to send out your links. But if no-one is clicking on them, you have a problem.

Here are a few handy tips to help get followers clicking on your twitter links.

1.Don’t Spam

Try not to send out the same old links back to your website. Make sure everything you share will add value to your followers. Of course, you can link your own content, but try mixing in some other valuable content you may have read or seen. The key is to tweet things you find interesting or valuable and hopefully, your followers will feel the same way.

2. You Need a Title

A basic one here, add a title to every link you tweet, make sure the title is interesting and that it entices your followers to click on your link. But make it relevant! If the title has nothing to do with the article then your followers will not be impressed.

3. Timing

On twitter timing is everything, tweets can be lost within minutes, so you have to pick your time wisely. You don’t want to tweet when you know it will be lost in the crowd, but then neither do you want to post when your followers are asleep. Keep an eye on your twitter feed for gaps and try to tweet during busier business hours.

4. Get Trending

Make sure you are relevant, check what’s trending using sites like to check the latest twitter trends either worldwide or in a targeted area. Send out your twitter links at the right time to be relevant to what the rest of twitter are chatting about.

5. Retweet

Share, like and engage with your followers, they will return the favour. Share their links and your followers will remember this and do the same to you. You have to give to receive.

The best way to get more followers clicking on your twitter links is by having more followers. See some of my tips to gain followers on twitter in a previous blog post.

So get out there and tweet some of yours links.

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