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8 Benefits of Using a WordPress Website For Your Business

WordPress has been around since 2003, but over the last few years it has become the website and content management software of choice, and is what I recommend to most of my customers.

Here are a few reasons why I think most business owners should look to WordPress when creating their companies website.

1. Ease of Use

Once setup WordPress is a breeze to use and has a very intuitive user friendly interface. You can add new pages, blog posts, images, or anything else on a regular basis quickly and easily. Because of the straightforward interface, your time spent on formatting and posting is massively reduced.

2. Built-in Blog That is Ready to Go

WordPress was originally created as a blogging platform, and this shows when you come to its blogging features. Easily post new blog posts perfectly formatted to your site, add your latest blog posts to your home page or other pages with ease, making your company’s site more dynamic and interactive.

3. Your Site Can Grow With Your Business

Your WordPress site can be as small or as larger as your business needs. But you can easily add hundreds or thousands of pages or blog posts as your site and business grows. No matter the size of your site the speed will never be effected.

4. Have Multiple Users

Being the administrator of your WordPress site you can set up multiple users, assigning different access levels and capabilities. So if you have your own content marketer or blogger they can have access to your site, letting them post new content without you having to do anything.

5. Manage Your Site From Any Computer

Being a browser-based system, you can login from any internet connected computer by using the domain of yoursite/wp-admin and logging in with your admin details.

6. SEO

Google loves WordPress. The way these sites are coded and structured, make them easy to be read by search engines. Google tends to crawl and index these sites more easily than others, with most WordPress sites ranking quicker and higher than static websites.

7. Support

WordPress is supported by a massive and engaged community. With these sites powering more than 24% of the web, there are thousands of experts, designers and developers on hand to help.

8. Social Media Integration

Easily integrate your social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, with handy plugins that can be dowloaded from the WordPress dashboard. Give your marketing a boast by sharing and linking your content through your social media with easy to use widgets to instantly post to your social media sites.

So there you have it, a few reasons why I think most business owners should opt for WordPress when looking for web design.

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