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Content Writing

Content Writing

I write words that engage and grab people’s attention, and if you want your blog, copy or content to invoke an action, then that’s essential.

I supply copywriting, content and blog articles, as well as a range of other writing and content marketing services to bloggers, websites, businesses, charities and non-profits.

I aim to create clear, effective and engaging content that relates to people and gets them interacting.

I focus on crafting words to inspire, motivate and persuade your target reader.

I create highly engaging content and website copy, which when combined with effective SEO, will have your website climbing Google’s search ranking ladder.

Get in touch and let me show you how I can help you as a freelance content writer.

Content Writing and Marketing Services

Content can benefit your business in so many ways-

Engaging content will increase your email subscribers, leads and customers by being used as a lead generation tool, that begs to be shared.

SEO optimised content will improve your visibility in search engines for topics and keywords that are targeted towards your ideal customers.

Great content will increase your engagement over all social media platforms, by giving you something worth sharing with your audience instead of advertising.

Hire me as your freelance content writer, content marketer or copywriter, to create great, engaging, SEO optimised content for your business.

Services I offer as a freelance content writer

Is your blog, website, CV or copy lacking some punch. I can write extraordinary, readable content, or edit what you currently have, all personalized for your business, charity or non-profit.

freelance content writer


All good copywriters create copy for one specific purpose, to motivate action. Whether that action may be, buying a product, a change in habit or interaction. I aim to write clear copy that will give you results, by persuading your customers to take action.

Web Content

Online consumers of today are fickle, they are spoilt for choice with websites they can view online, because of this a successful site needs to grab your attention immediately, it needs to captivate and speak directly to your target market. This is what I aim to do, create precise, engaging content tailored to your business and the goal you aim to achieve with your website.

Small Businesses

Being a small business or one-man team it can be tough to write about your business. Employing a professional copywriter is a great marketing decision, it will increase your sales, improve communication, boost traffic to your website and most of all free up your time to let you do what you do best, run your business. With flexible packages it doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg, so let me do what I do best, and write effective, engaging copy for you.

Blog Writing

A great blog is the best way to communicate with your target audience. With a constant stream of fresh, engaging content that not only captivates the reader’s attention but can sustain it. I can offer you a professional blog writing service with a strategy to keep your blog current, captivating and most importantly gets your readers interacting and sharing.


I love working with non-profit organisations, helping sell your stories, ideas and emotions to inspire and encourage positive change is very rewarding indeed. The words I write will be key in connecting with your target market and getting them involved in your organisation. Whether that’s picking up the phone or organising an event, let me help inspire people to create positive changes to aid others.

CV Writing

Are you trying for a promotion? Looking to apply for that new dream job? Give your career the boost it deserves and use my skills to write your professional profile or CV to make you stand out from the crowd.


All my web content is in SEO-friendly format and language, specially crafted to be optimised to the way google views websites, making your business or service more noticeable online.

Not sure if content marketing is right for you?

Check out my blog post if you have any concerns about content marketing. What Is Content Marketing? Is It Right For Your Business?

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