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How To Write Brilliant Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Ignore

How do you make your blog post stand out? With well over 2 million blog posts each day, you need brilliant blog titles to get your followers, clicking, sharing and commenting, which will give a huge boast to your content marketing efforts.

How many times have you retweeted an article just because the title sounds cool, knowing it may give you extra social street cred, even if you haven’t actually read it? I’ll admit I’ve done this a few times. It’s a similar equivalent to having intellectual books on your bookcase that you have never read, just to show off to visitors and friends.

Here’re a few helpful tips to write brilliant blog titles to get people sharing and reading your latest blog posts.

1. Short and Sweet

Keeping your title concise and to the point works well for two reasons. In general, your blog title will appear in search results and posts on social media, so keeping under Google’s 70 character display limit will let readers see your title in all it’s glory. Second is readability, with everyone living a busy lifestyle no one has time to read a long boring lackadaisical title that goes on forever and ever, they want something short, snappy that entices them in straight away.

2. Start With a Rough Title

A great title can sometimes take almost as long as writing the blog post itself. And you should take your time over creating a brilliant title. So first come up with a rough title that describes the main theme of your post. Such as ‘Great Blog Post Titles’ or ‘Stand Out Blog Post Titles.’ Then using my later tips you can expand this into a title that’ll get your readers interacting.

3. Engage with Your Reader

A great title should be intriguing, actionable and engaging. Using this post as an example:

How To Write Brilliant Blog Titles Your Readers Can’t Ignore

This title is actionable; it tells you that the article will be showing you how to do something. ‘How to’ and ‘Top tips’ titles are great for attracting readers looking for informative and useful posts.

Build Your Audience: How to Write F***ING GREAT Blog Titles

Using slang and ‘F***ING GREAT’ (in capital letters) will make sure this title stands out from the crowd. Beware, this can be risky, best used on blogs or posts that fit this edgy target audience.

4. Make it Descriptive

Your title needs to describe what the whole post is about. It needs to be clear, as a blog title will usually be seen on social media or in search results, the reader will want to know exactly what to expect when they click on your blog post.

5. Keywords

Adding relevant keywords to your title will improve your ranking in search engines, by boasting your SEO you will improve the chances of your blog being found by prospective readers. I don’t mean just throw in keywords anywhere, as your blog and title primary still need to read well. Making sure you add keywords to the title and the first and last paragraph, should give you good results, but there are more strategic ways to do this which I’ll go into further in future posts. If you need help with keywords Google Adwords Keyword Planner is a great tool to help you find the most relevant and searched for words in your niche.

Hope this has been helpful in giving you some ideas for your latest brilliant blog titles. If you have any tips I haven’t mentioned, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks and happy blogging!

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