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What is Content Marketing? Is It Right For Your Business?

So what is content marketing?

I’m sure you heard the phrase but you may be asking what actually is ‘content‘ and do I really need to put all this effort into content marketing for my business?

The Content Marketing Institute, the go-to online resource for information on everything content marketing, defines content marketing as:

Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

So content marketing is the creation of content, be that, as a blog post/article, a video, podcast or even a web page. It’s the creation of something that can attract and acquire a defined audience.

The keywords to take from CMI’s description are ‘valuable‘ ‘relevant‘ and ‘consistent‘.


You have to be able to add value to your readers. It has to be helpful, answer a question, or provide the solution to the problem your reader wants to know. If you have a business as a dog trainer, you need to have content that adds value and proves worth to people interested in training their dog.


Keep your content relevant, not just to your niche or your market (previous dog trainer example), keep your target audience in mind. Work out who you are speaking to, is it a prospect, a lead or a customer? Really home in on your target market to make sure you address their needs in a tone that communicates best to them.


Do you want to build reader loyalty as well as your audience? Creating a consistent flow of content is vital. This may seem a daunting task but with the right content marketing strategy and calendar this can be done. Remember this is a marathon not a sprint, build your content slowly and results will show.

So how could content marketing benefit your business?

The main reasons some companies may be hesitate on allocating resources towards their content plan, is that it can be difficult to really understand the benefits that content marketing can have on a business.

But content marketing has many benefits.

Building a strong brand awareness

Great content gives your customers something to talk about, word of mouth is still one of the best forms of marketing, whether that’s online or offline, if people are talking about your great blog posts or video they are talking about your brand.

Building respect in your industry

Building respect and authority in your industry will take time but the most affective way to achieve this is through content marketing. Creating great content that informs your audience will help build their trust in your brand, as well as making you a market leader in your industry.

Customer Conversion

If your content is targeting potential customers, then your’e creating a link between your reader base and your products. Whether or not your content mentions what you’re selling or not, being on your blog or website improves the chance greatly of converting this potential customer into a buyer.

So hopefully this answers the question… What is content marketing and is it right for your business?

I feel content marketing can absolutely be right for any business, the benefits are there to be seen.

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